Ever really want to eat an apple but then suddenly have the image of your hands getting sticky in public and having to go through the hassle of going to the bathroom to wash your hands up because hand sanitizer isn't sanitizing your hands? If so, we're on the same boat. Queen of #stickyhandswithapplessquad at your service to tell you that I've just figured to a way to eat apples in public without having your hands feel like they are sticker than honey from a bee.

So I figured out this hack when I reached the bottom of my lunch bag, and me being slightly lazy to walk to the garbage can the day before, I had a clear sandwich bag at the bottom. Guess there as a reason I was being lazy that day- it came in handy! So there are only two things you need: 

1. An Apple (obviously)
2. A plastic sandwich bag, one without the zippy part (photo below of the plastic sandwich bag I am talking about just incase this description is downright horrible) 

So the first thing you should do is turn your plastic bag inside out :

I feel like I'm wolverine but instead with a whole hand of claws like here I am off to fend off the stickiness that comes from an apple #justiceforstickyhands
Next step is to grasp the apple through the plastic bag:

And vwalla you then have the plastic bag covering over your hand = bye bye sticky hands and hello to the fruit we can now eat in public without having to make a sprint to the bathroom to wash our hands up 3 minutes before our class starts.
And when you're done with the apple simply pull up the plastic bag, reversing it back to right side in from the inside out way you had it, (obviously you wouldn't have a full apple.. at least I'm hoping you're not taking two bites and disregarding it completely that would be a complete waste of a perfectly tasty looking apple!). You're then back to how the bag original was and then you just toss it to the garbage with your sticky free hands!

P.S. When I told my mom about this she simply looked at me and said: "It took you 19 years to figure this out?!" Better late than never!

Sahara x