Child You VS Young Adult You

Movie trailers left and right the second you turn on your TV, it's kind of like a McDonalds they don't show they are making a movie the trailer just appears. As these trailers play on loop after every time a show goes on a commercial break, we sit and wait for whatever  show we are watching to return from it's cliffhanger.  There are many Young Adult film trailers playing on the screen- most of which movies rehash the same idea just in a different form. 

Surprisingly, when Children's movies play on the screen they aren't the same stories told with relationships left and right. Instead children's movies focus more on morals and being independent. In Young Adult films there is the trend that there always has to be a love story and usually the people in the relationship depend on each other and never truly depend on themselves.

It's almost as if the children's movies give people their morals and to believe in themselves. While Young Adult Films play on the screen, it's seems as though they are undoing all that the children- who are now young adults- have learned from the movies they watched filled with morals and lessons that they once based their whole lives around.

I have to wonder though, are movies getting worse or are they really reflecting our values? I also must state that not all movies are bad and meaningless because there are great movies!

"Everything I learned, I learned from the


Sahara xo


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