What Do You See When You Travel?


 Traveling to a new place allows you to have a new perspective. Occasionally you find yourself comparing your lifestyle to the one you are viewing. When I went to Spain as a class trip I found there were a few things I focused on: Culture, Food (OBVIOUSLY), and Scenery. 
There were a few things I realized. The water was clearer and provided such a calmness that I found myself becoming relaxed as the waves collided with the sand. I feel as though anywhere that is not "your'' country seems much calmer. There was also a few cultural differences, of course, there were dances that were done on nearly every street corner and as a tourist I stopped and watched with awe. Such an interesting view seeing something that you wouldn't correlate with your daily life but is the people's- of the place you are visiting- only life. As every city there are street dancers but there was such grace as the people danced, and on my part relief, in seeing something other than breakdancing.

As I wandered the streets of Spain with my class, we were guided to a small restaurant. This was the moment I was waiting for and I can tell you that I was not disappointed; I was so happy to not see a burger on my plate with a side of fries!

The entree, main meal and dessert had so much color and I feel that best describes Spain. Spain is full of life, everyone I passed by was smiling. There was never a dull moment on the streets of Spain whether you're walking or biking down the streets. Something that is occasionally said is that in the city times goes by so quickly and people are constantly doing everything against time. To best define the differences I would say that the city compared to the streets of Spain is fast paced; too fast to even recognize the beauty in every moment.
"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." ~ Saint Augustine

Sahara xo


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