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Anyone have that favorite TV show they wait to see every single week? It's probably the only reason I look forward to Monday: New Week = New Episode. One of my favorite shows is Reign. I laugh, I cry, I smile, I cry some more and that's the best way to describe the process of me watching Reign- my emotions are constantly on a roller-coaster.  It is a historical fiction about Queen Mary of Scotland. Although there are times where Reign can be problematic, I always find myself sitting in the same spot eagerly waiting for the next episode because of the cliffhanger they left on. I think this goes with most shows, ending with a cliffhanger because they know you're going to want to know what happened next. 

Although I find the show at times problematic, I am already attached to the characters that not watching it isn't really an option. I used to watch The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, and I stopped watching both for 2 reasons. Personally, The Vampire Diaries after Season 3 just went down hill, plot lines just need help and I would be more than happy to offer plot lines without plot holes and well.... logic. Pretty Little Liars just kept getting repetitive and after the third or fourth season I stopped watching; A kept trying to find them while I was trying to find a reason why I was still watching. So what does Reign have that the other shows didn't? Well to give some back story, I watched the first 1 and a half seasons in 2 days which coincidentally I was supposed to be doing a 10 page paper. I would say that the actors that portray the characters have kept the show alive entirely. The plot lines at times annoy me but the way it is acted out makes it work; the actors make me want to come back and relive what they are acting out. 
" Whatever the future brings, you are my light." 
- King Francis
good king francis blessing TV's everywhere - literally the best!


Any shows that keep you glued to the screen?

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