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Did you ever know that eating too many oranges can be bad for you? 

I've only recently realized this after eating about 4 large oranges a day. Now fruits are healthy so in my mind I thought to myself  5x on healthy fruit = Your body is thanking you for taking care of yourself.  But science decided to burst my bubble, as in I felt as though someone took a needle and POP.

The reason why I eat 3-4 oranges a day is because I have a morning class, and 2 afternoon classes. Usually by about mid-way through the class I start to feel myself getting sleepy and so I figured out a solution: eat an orange; the freshness is bound to have some sort of affect. When I used to feel myself falling asleep I take out an orange and start peeling it, and it's like the freshness was a shot of expresso because I would be peeling with one hand and scribbling down some notes with the other wide awake. But then after looking online I realized two things:

Eating one orange a day = Healthy person 
Eating 3+ oranges a day = Overdose on healthy life

So, when you eat more than about 2 oranges a day you can have weight gain, heart burn and stomach pains. (You can find all information on this HERE) Basically, trying to be healthy by eating 4 oranges a day did not work in my favor because just as I thought I saw the last of the words "weight gain" it came back for Round 2. 

 "Too much of anything is not good for you..." ~ Barry White

I didn't necessarily think eating 4 oranges a day throughly because I thought Eating Healthy = Healthy self but overdoing healthy = not so healthy self.   Attempting to keep myself awake mid-way during class is proving to be a challenge since most foods (such as anything with sweet) allows you to ride the energy wave for a little while before it crashes. After thinking of ways to stay awake, and realizing that peeling an orange in class in the front row is awkward enough, anything else that requies anymore effort doesn't really seem like the very best idea.

I guess I'll have to guess and check and keep an orange on the side just in case plan B,C,D,E,F,G (etc) doesn't work. But the Tip for the day is: If you want to stay awake eat an orange, it is 100% guarantee to wake up up the same way expresso works its magic! Just don't overdose on them!

Sahara x


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