How many of us actually read the newspaper- as in the physical copy? More or less similar to that old photo where instead of people looking at their phones they were focused on the paper like wow can’t wait to get to page three to read the continuation!

Recently, I’ve been picking up the paper from the little drop box that says “Only Take One” at my university. Why am I reading a physical copy rather than the speedy electronic version ready at my fingertips? Other than my eyesight being unblessed with the amount of times I’m staring at a screen, having a physical copy makes reading more, well, real.

I would compare it to reading a book. Do you feel the same accomplishment when you scroll to the end to the book [via pdf/kindle] as you do when you feel one half of the book weighing more than the other, and then officially reaching the back cover?

Personally, I prefer a physical book over pdf/kindle version anytime any day!

The reason why I’ve decided to start reading the paper is because more often than not I find myself in a bubble. The world doesn’t just revolve around the country I live in. There are 196 countries, and me knowing all about one country leaves me hopelessly lost for the other 195. 

Why is it important to learn about what’s happening in other countries? 

The more you know, the more you grow. It allows you to become more well rounded & informed on the world around you rather than living your life in a bubble. If you don’t read the news that puts you at a loss. The world has a lot of things happening; imagine if you only stayed on one page, one country, when there are 195 to go? It’s nice that you can recite that one page to a Tee, but what about the other 195?

Funny story: so I opened the newspaper backwards - how to be a 21st century human being reading a newspaper- and then happened to see this and WAIT THERE'S GOING TO BE 4 MORE MOVIES AFTER FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM @ JK ROWLING BLESS YOU THANK YOU I HOPE ALL YOUR TRANSPORTATION COMES ON TIME

Bonus for reading a physical copy is that it’s not something that can be fabricated like what happened with Facebook having fake news. [side note: if people really had the dedication & determination to make fake news a thing imagine they used that determination to educate themselves on what's actually happening in the world?!]

What I'm aiming to say with this blog post is this: Pick up the daily paper and skim through the international section and absorb like you’re a sponge that never gets full. What you’re reading is going to be history one day, and wouldn’t you rather say HEY I REMEMBER THAT HAPPENING I WAS THERE rather than oh wait who, what, when, oops wow I was there.. just not paying attention.


“Journalism is the first rough draft of history.”
Philip Graham, publisher, The Washington Post

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