Starting (v.)
come into being; begin or be reckoned from a particular point in time or space.
synonyms: begin, commence, get underway, go ahead, get going.

Something that I often see is that many people are driven to start something, but the actual process of starting is like one massive blockade that they find somewhat impossible to pass through. For example, there are people on twitter saying they’d like to venture to start a YouTube channel, or maybe a friend tells me they want to start exercising and eat better, but that’s the thing: they say they’d like to start but somehow there’s lil miss doubt telling them not to, to stay in the comfort of the routine they’ve familiarized themselves with.

Starting is perhaps the hardest step to work towards any goal you had in mind, because it requires you to step outside of your routine and start something that you’ve only ever pestered your mind with for the past month or so.

When I first wanted to start YouTube, I was like yes I want to start this, but at the same time I was also like lol no no no calm down there sahara go read that book in the bookshelf kk thank you for your time. But then I ended up watching a YouTube video and started to think to myself: if you want to start something do it, don’t just think it JUST DO IT [suddenly I have become the Nike slogan].

here we have an aesthetically pleasing photo of trees in case you haven't seen the outdoors in a while because of spending WAY too much time on the internet

When I first wanted to start blogging a bit later on after YouTube, I was like to start a blog or not start a blog that is thy question (# shakespeare in 21 st century at your service). And, as you can see by reading this on a blog post on a blog, the answer to that question was START THE BLOG.

Sometimes starting something can seem daunting, like will this work out, will it not? You won’t know until you try it. All limits are self imposed, don’t limit yourself by your routine: JUST DO IT.

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