Choosing the Right Route

Sometimes you're walking down a street and it diverges in two directions. Everyone in front of you goes right, but then you stop in the middle unsure of which direction is the one for you. You then choose left because you decide that's the direction you are meant to go.

A month ago, I went to the movies to watch Hidden Figures. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you're truly missing out [ like legit stop reading right here and go see when the next timing for it is ]. It centralizes on the three women that were behind putting the USA in the space race over at NASA ( well, it was a two man race between USA & Russia and USA came in second but anyway ).

This movie showed three women who went in a direction that was not paved for them, rather they paved the way for others to follow. This made me think that sometimes the best leaders are the one's that didn't expect themselves to be leaders in the first place.

Three general points that I learned from the film:

  • Sometimes the way you're going, there isn't anyone there. But that's the reason you're going in that direction- to be that first person there. 
  • Believe in yourself and you know, in the right time, others will to. The most important thing is to NOT stop believing in yourself.
  • Never doubt your ability to do something by others inability to see your capability. 

Sometimes the path you're on there isn't anyone there- that's because it's your path to pave.


  1. I like you tagline, it's witty. And I love both tea and coffee, and really want to learn crochet! :)

    1. Thank you! Tea is literally the best, I love all the different flavors! As for coffee well it's not cup of tea- Oh and I completely recommend learning crochet it's not all that hard and it actually really relaxing (well when everything is going smooth sailing that is) and when you're done crocheting whatever it is it's an amazing sense of accomplishment!

  2. I absolutely LOVED hidden figures! x

    mia //

    1. YES! It was such an amazing inspirational film- I watched it twice & could honestly watch it many more times, truly an amazing movie that I would recommend everyone to watch!