# That Vintage Aesthetic

Normally, whenever I see someone with a watch it is either a digital one or a good ol' fashioned one. Though, the funny thing is, they are both used for entirely different purposes.

The digital watch is used to actually tell time - though, ironically, I feel that it destroys the purpose of a watch. Rather than my mind counting the lines, as I would on an old fashioned watch, to see if it's 5:46 or nearing more towards 5:48, it's just visibly there; no mind work or squinting at the lines needed.

The people that do have an old fashioned watch use it for aesthetic purposes. Rather than it being an instrument to tell time, it's like oh this accessory pulled my outfit together #aestheticgoals.

I personally didn't see the point of having an actual watch until last year. 

Why have a watch when you have a phone? 

Well, for starters, in a workplace / school it's not really acceptable to be checking your phone every .5 seconds to see if an hour passed. It's good to have a watch to glance back at without it coming off as rude / inconsiderate.

I feel that as technology advances our brains do less and less work. There's no brain work done when your watch is digital - the numbers are blinking straight back at you. Meanwhile, for an old-fashioned watch there is a lil bit of work to do in counting the lines just right.

I have to admit, my family did make fun of me when I first got my watch because of how long it took me to actually tell them the time. My brain had become so accustomed for the time to be digitalized on my phone that seeing that I actually needed to put in effort to tell the time my brain was like lol bye let's not for the first few weeks; as months passed by it became easier. It is as though I had reawakened my how-to-tell-time part of my brain. [It's actually really sad how long it took me to get the hand of telling time; past me would be ashamed oops]

My eyes were blessed with being able to tell time whenever and wherever I was without it coming off as rude (or unblessed if I discovered I still had a half hour left in my lectures).

Also, the satisfaction of actually getting the time right when you double check on your phone is actually what dreams are made of.


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