Your Own Pace

After a bit of a break from running due to an injury, getting back into running was difficult; not in the motivational sense rather it was getting my minute per mile down to what it was prior to my injury.

The injury was more or less an effect of pushing myself too hard and not listening to my body and listening more to the Runkeeper App that was training me. After pushing myself too hard on a speed workout my foot was more or less like ?????

To conclude - I was out of running for about 2 months.

By the time my injury healed, finals were coming around the corner the same way like when you're walking down a street / hallway & have to make a turn and you end up bumping into someone [ the someone in my case were my final exams ].

Attempting to get back into running with the Runkeeper App was more or less in my mind the NOTP that I subconsciously did not want to happen due to the injury I had as a result from using it. That's when I thought back to what I did before having an app to guide me - I would run & increase the distance the second I became too comfortable with the distance I was running.

What I ended up deciding on was to use the Runkeeper App only to track my minute per mile. That was until it couldn't perform that function -  I would run for 20 minutes & it would tell me that I ran for 0 minutes and 0 miles. This happened for a few times before I made the switch to the Nike+ Run Club App.

Some exercises that I have been doing before running are these from Pinterest as well as these from 100 Days on YouTube. I've been doing the latter more, and have to say it's really effective in moving all your muscles. After running I do a variation of stretches but use this & this as a guide.

If you're just getting into running, I'd recommend doing the workouts above & start by running at your own pace not the pace an app is trying to make you run at - yes of course challenge yourself, but also, first & foremost, listen to your body.

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  1. I loved this post. I injured my ankle back in October and ever sense then I haven’t been able to work out like I used to. I’m ready to get back to it but I know it’s important not to push myself.

    1. Thank you! It's hard to get back into exercising after an injury but the most important thing is to know your limits. Start small and then build up from there - although it may seem discomforting to not be at your previous fitness level, the most important thing is to not compare where you are now to where you were before - just focus on moving forward! :)