Shape of You

The internet can be a rather interesting place but too much of this interesting place isn't all that good for you. Well, too much of anything isn't good for you period.

Sometimes it feels as through the electronics control the person rather than the person controlling their usage of social media. Think of it this way:

When you wake up in the morning, before you roll out of bed, you're checking what happened while you were asleep. Is it because you want to or have you gotten so used to the routine of checking your phone at all times during the day?

I personally can say that the only reason why I am on twitter is to see what else happened in terms of politics & also some fun things that happen to sprinkle on my timeline. In terms of Instagram - I scroll out of habit not because I genuinely want to see what's on my Instagram. 

I used to use Tumblr a lot, and by a lot I mean 23 of the 24 hours of the day was spent scrolling until I basically had this realization:

I am spending my life scrolling. This is not living, this is being chained to an electronic device as if I am a prisoner to my wifi router & cellular data.

The term Internet Detox is thrown around a lot. And I can say that I'd recommend taking a month off - or pull an Ed Sheeran - of anything involving the internet. It truly makes you realize the lack of substance it adds to your life.

Keep what you need and cut out what you don't.

So in terms of internet I ask myself:

Why do you need Twitter?
To keep up with politics & some random things that happen around the world.
  • Also, if you keep up with politics as well, here's a word of advice: LOOK AT MORE THAN ONE SOURCE

Why do you need Instagram?
I actually don't have an answer.

The purpose of my blogging Instagram is to post updates when I have new blogposts and videos & my actual Instagram is used on the basis of - how will what I am posting benefit others? [And also with a sprinkle of sass & humor - sort of like this blog.]
What we see on social media shapes us. What we read and see becomes apart of who we are. In terms of books that we read, we live through the main characters ( or side characters) and we take, from these books, lessons we didn't know we needed.

Similar to the tree trunk photo I have up top - the internet makes its marks and shapes us & wouldn't you rather it be of something with substance than without?
side note - came across this short film called #SLAVEREGINA
The film is trying to show the virtual world and its effect on society, especially on the youngest generation. They want to fit in this new world. All rebellious intuition gets crushed by others, and they are forced to assimilate.


  1. How relevant is this post right now! The crazy thing is that we are so programmed to social media that when we go without it, it's like losing an arm. I tried having an internet detox a few weeks ago and it was so hard because I was habitually using my phone. And then when I didn't use it, I felt myself thinking about it all the time. Maybe a regular detox is good for us!

    1. Yes! I feel like since we've grown up with the technology, going without it doesn't really seem like an option. And when we do go without it for a mini internet detox then it's all that our mind can think about, like a small voice nudging hey you're going to miss xyz happening if you don't check social media right now! And sometimes it's not that we WANT to go on it, it's that we're so programmed to always be scrolling that it has become apart of our routine. Yes I completely agree - a regular detox is good to do because it really puts things in perspective! Like instead of scrolling you can go for a quick run, or go to a museum or just stay outside instead of living life through a screen - it's hard to do but it's better to be connected to life around you than to live a life glued to a wifi router :)