You Do You

About a year ago, I remember thinking to myself what if I didn't talk as much as I usually do when I am around friends - would they notice?

Well, after I did that test it turns out they didn't notice. But I did. Me not saying small things here and there was basically me attempting to change my personality to suit those around me.

and uh no thank you that was not fun.

This consisted of me having a lot of things I wanted to say chill in my mind because I felt that I was bothering people by voicing my thoughts.

The way I think of it now- if you have to change your personality to suit your friends then plot twist: They aren't your friends.

Your friends shouldn't attempt to change the person you are for the person they want you to be. A person grows on their own, not by being shoved in multiple directions based on how a friend wants them to be.

Now you may be wondering why exactly I paired this blogpost with a photo of trees & a leaf falling down. The idea behind that is that there are multiple trees and although one leaf is coming to the ground that doesn't mean the other leaves are suddenly going to go to the ground. No, they are going to stay and when it's their time to, they will come down to the ground (as per seasons changing).

It's the same with people.

Although a lot of people are acting one way, that shouldn't stop you from being you

You do you not someone else.


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