Crash Course: Freedom Caucus

WHO are they?

Apparently, an all male conservative [traditional] republican squad that meets to 'pursue common legislative objectives'.

What does that mean?

Basically, they all have a common mindset & that plays a role in what actually becomes a law.

We don't have an official number of who's in the Freedom Caucus, only the people who have made it public they are apart of it.

WHAT is their purpose?

Well, in order for something to be signed into law it must go through The House and The Senate. In the House of Representatives, it needs 218 votes to go to The Senate and in The Senate it needs 51 votes to go to the President's desk. The President can either sign it into law or veto it.

In case those sentences were pure gibberish to you- Let's think of a baseball field [yes I just linked to a baseball field]

How to Pass a Law-101

» FIRST BASE: 218/435 votes needed to get the Bill from the House to SECOND BASE
» SECOND BASE: 51/100 votes needed to get the Bill from the Senate to THIRD BASE
» THIRD BASE: The President's desk.
» The President either signs the Bill into law (Homerun) or doesn't «

In order to get to Second Base there needs to be 218 votes. Republicans have 247 of the 345 seats in the House. If the Republicans want to pass something but the Freedom Caucus - generally thought to have about 40 members- do not want to pass it, that would leave the remaining Republicans with only 207 votes. Which means only with Democratic help can they get to Second Base.

WHEN was the Freedom Caucus created?

It was created in 2015.

Why was the Freedom Caucus created?

It was created when 9 members of the Republican Study Committee felt that it wasn't conservative enough.

The main reason for this Crash Course is because apparently they aren't playing to President Trump's tune & Trump is not too chill about that.

I hope if anyone else had confusion on who they were etc. that I've helped out in clearing that up.


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