Running Right

Last month, before running a 5K I found myself wondering if I was running right. I was previously out of running for 2+ months due to injuries from overtraining and I wasn't sure if there was something more to it.

So, the day before I ran the 5K, I began searching to see if there was something missing or if there was something I was doing wrong. Up until this point in running, I always put on sneakers, stretched, and off I went running into the distance.

It turns out I have been running wrong for the past 8+ years.

‣ Apparently, there is a way that your foot is supposed to hit the ground & the way that most new runners/ oblivious runners (i.e. me) run leads to injuries on the foot.

If I had learned about this before, I wouldn't have been off two months of running due to the injury on my foot. So, rather than placing all the blame on the RunKeeper App, partial of the blame was on me for not to thinking to research the correct way to run. [I'd advise watching the video linked above - it is extremely helpful in visually seeing how your foot should be hitting the ground to prevent injuries!] I can't say I've mastered running correctly- it takes a lot of focus to unlearn something you've been doing your whole life, but I think I'm getting there! Well, I hope I am.

If you thought that was the only thing I was doing wrong (or perhaps even yourself?) feel free to get comfortable - let's talk about the second thing.

‣ Breathing.

Usually, as I ran, I found myself coming short of breath. Not in the way that I was gasping for dear life, but more like there was oxygen coming in but not the amount that I needed for running.

I came across this video on breathing, and I can say that after following this I'm more in control of my breathing and I can go for longer distances without feeling like I'm dying by mile 1.

The main thing for breathing: IN though your nose -> OUT through your mouth.

This takes a lot of focus to do, well for me it does. Previously, I breathed in & out only through my mouth which lead to me not running as fast due to attempting to catch my breath.

And finally the third thing.

‣ Running Form.

In the video on breathing, the person discussed posture. Now, I actually hadn't realized this before, but whenever I ran I always slumped my shoulders. Why is this bad? In the video, the person did an exercise where he asked the viewer to slump their shoulders forward and to breathe in and out. Then he asked the viewer to put their back straight and breathe in and out.

After doing those two things - you'll see why you need to run with your back straight. When your back is straight, more oxygen comes in which means you can run for longer distances without feeling any discomfort.
The three things I mentioned all take a lot of focus- ensuring your foot is hitting the ground correctly by mile 2, that you're still breathing in through your nose & out through your mouth by mile 3 and that your back is still straight by the last .5 mile.

And yes, yes I know you spent a lot of time getting your playlist upbeat for the run but

Breathing Properly = More Time & Distance to run

Yes, that beat of the music is A-MAZING but the only way you're getting through those miles is by breathing properly. And the only way you're making it through those miles without any pain on your foot is by making sure your foot is hitting the ground the way it's supposed to.

Trust me, before I even acknowledged there was a way to breathe while running, my runs essentially went like this:

Ed Sheeran's new song blasting, slumped shoulders & my body is telling me to stop to catch my breath because I was only breathing in & out through my mouth and not enough oxygen was getting into my body. Then my mind would tell me to power through the chorus and essentially this meant that I was taking an intermission to recollect come 02.

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  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS. I'm finally hitting 5k runs and building up to my first 10k this is exactly what I needed to read right now.

    Chloe x

    1. You're welcome!! I'm so happy I could help - good luck on your 5K & 10K runs!

  2. This is a super helpful post! I haven't been running in ages. Sometimes I miss it, some other times I don't. But yeah, i always had a problem with breathing so this helps a lot! thanks for sharing! xx corinne

    1. I feel like that's the normal relationship with running - either miss it or don't all at the same time. Breathing was actually the top thing that I had trouble with before realizing there's a way to breathe when running; I'm surprised it was never taught in gym classes!

      Next time you go for a run, you're all set; so happy I could help! :)

  3. Make sure your form is on point can be a game changer. But if you're like me, I end up feeling so dumb watching youtube videos on how to, isn't this just something I'm supposed to be able to do by instinct?? Good luck girl! Hope your injuries don't creep back up!!
    xoxo, Sarah

    1. Literally this was me - looking up youtube videos on how to breathe & actually run. I feel like no gym class ever gave a heads up on 'how to run properly' so that's why it's just assumed: sneakers on, run run run. Don't realize somethings wrong until an injury comes up, so I guess the injury had some benefits - learning how to properly run! I'm really hoping my injuries don't come creeping back like HA THOUGHT YOU SAW THE LAST OF ME hahaha

      thanks so much for reading!

  4. I had no idea that there was a "correct" way to run and place your feet, so thank you very much for that info! I often run on the treadmill so I definitely need to do some research! I really need to start thinking about breathing as well, puffing in and out through your mouth certainly isn't effective! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 😍

    1. Same for me! I didn't realize there was a correct way to run until I had an injury and began questioning if there was the possibility to actually 'run wrong'. The feet placement was actually such a shock for me, like when I saw the video of how your foot is supposed to hit the ground I just sat there like wait what it's a thing that there's a specific way your foot should be hitting the ground. Yes!! Puffing in and out, from experience, is probably not the best way to get through running! Oh and I used to go on the treadmill all the time before switching to just going on a track - think I might go back to treadmill because it does help in keeping the speed consistent :)

      So happy that I was able to help out- thank you so much for reading :)

  5. I haven't been running for quite a while and I think I'd done it the wrong way too. I'd definitely refer back to your post next time I'd go for a run. Really great post! x Ain

    1. I think no one really explains the 'how to run' in gym classes so it's just assumed all you need are sneakers and off you go - wish you the best of luck on your next run!

      Thank you so much for reading :)