Crash Course: Ramadan

The process of me making a Crash Course on a topic is:

Confused on topic -> Research & then Understand topic -> Crash Course

However, as Ramadan has begun I've realized that there is a possibility that others are confused on what exactly is Ramadan. So here we are - me giving you a Crash Course you didn't ask for but perhaps need.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the Holiest month for Muslims - it was when the Quran [Koran] was revealed. It is when every Muslim takes part in fasting - no eating/drinking/anything entering your mouth (including gum & crumbs) from sunrise to sunset. We eat at sunset - at the call to the Evening Prayer Magrib.

Wait - EVERYONE has to fast?

In the literal sense, yes it is an obligation on all Muslims to fast. However - there are cases where Muslims do not fast. If a woman is on her period she is not allowed to fast - so for that duration of time she is not allowed to fast / pray the 5 Daily prayers. If a woman is pregnant, she does not have to fast. If a person needs to take specific medication that pertains to their health & well-being they do not have to fast. If you are sick - have a fever - you do not have to fast. Children do not have to fast.

Also - thought to note - those days that the woman is not fasting due to having her period/ woman not fasting due to pregnancy/ person not fasting due to fever have to be made up throughout that year. 

So basically Ramadan is just you not eating from Sunrise to Sunset?

Well, not quite. During Ramadan there are also things that Muslims should not do (well they're things we shouldn't do all year round but it's really emphasized during Ramadan you. do. not. do. this.) So what are Muslims not supposed to do? Muslims should not lie; should not speak badly of others; should not lose their temper; should not gossip - I think you can see where I'm getting at here - basically be the best version of yourself (also like I said above - this should be the mindset all year round).

Also on a different wave-length: Muslims should not engage in intercourse with their spouses or smoke cigarettes while fasting.

So all you do is wait for Sunset to eat?

Well in the literal sense we are waiting for Sunset to eat however we also fill our days with reading the Quran [Koran] - some have the goal of finishing the Quran during this month- go to work, school etc. I'd like to note that fasting doesn't stop us from working/studying/going to school. During the times that say we would be eating breakfast/lunch we instead fill those slot times with extra prayers, reading the Quran and more extra prayers. All other things (distractions i.e. T.V Shows) are set aside so that you focus on your fast & relationship with God.

Extra Prayers?

Yep you read right Extra Prayers. Other than the 5 Daily Prayers there is something called Taraweh. At the end of the Night Prayer - Isha - there is the Taraweh Prayers. Depending on the Mosque - the goal is to finish the Quran during Taraweh. Unlike the 5 Daily Prayers, which are mandatory for all Muslims, Taraweh is not mandatory but it is recommended to attend.

WAIT - can I eat in front of you or no?

Ha - yes yes you can eat in front of us we're the ones fasting not the other way around. We're chill - continue eating/drinking. I'll just say be mindful - like don't go gulping that gallon of water and being all oh my god it's so hot I need to gulp like 500 gallons of water how are you even fasting??

So let me get this straight: You have to be the best version of yourself, fast from sunrise-sunset and then go to the Mosque at night to pray - that's it?

Well sort of. During Ramadan Muslims are also supposed to give to charity to those in need. Also during Ramadan - as I mentioned above about being the best version of ourselves - we should be optimistic and attempt to push away negative thoughts.

I think I've covered just about everything however - here's a timeline of how our day is during Ramadan:

1. Wake up for Suhoor (time before Sunrise) to Eat/Drink
2. Stop Eating/Drinking at the call to Morning Prayer (Sunrise) - Fajr
(You can go back to sleep because it's literally 4AM or you can stay up y'know you do you)
3. Go to Work/School
4. Pray Afternoon Prayer - Dhur
5. Maybe do some light Quran Reading if you can
6. Pray Mid-Afternoon Prayer - Asr
7. Should probably be making/preparing the meal to break your fast with -Iftar
8. Pray Evening Prayer - Magrib (Sunset time)
9. Eat Iftar (Meal)
10. Pray Taraweh
Come home at around 12PM


I hope that this was beneficial for anyone wondering what exactly Ramadan is - if you have any questions feel free to comment them below/message me on Twitter - I'd be happy to help! Or if anyone notices I missed something - just let me know so I can add it in!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this illuminating post, Sahara! I had very little clue of what Ramadan involved before reading this - I knew that fasting was involved but I couldn't have said any more! Now I feel like I have a much better appreciation and understanding, thank you so much for this educational post, it was super well written!

    Abbey 💖

    1. I'm so happy I was able to help you understand more about Ramadan! And thank you so much - I tried to make the post more of a conversational type one; so happy it worked well :)

  2. I have a lot of muslim friends so I know a bit about ramadan and other little things, but I think it's great you wrote this post for everyone to about this topic :)


    1. Thank you so much! I'm hoping that it helps others understand more about Ramadan :)

  3. Thank you so much for writing a post like this! I have always been really intrigued by Ramadan and this has definetly shed some light on what it all involves, I've never really thought about Ramadan as a whole, just that it involves fasting but now I know more and feel better educated on it.

    Jordanne ||

    1. I'm so happy I was able to help you understand more about what Ramadan is - thank you so much for reading!

  4. Thank you, Sahara, for this well written Ramadan 101 crash course. I knew some of it, like the not eating and not telling lies parts, but I wasn't aware of many of the other aspects.
    When we were in Singapore last year, we took the ferry to Indonesia and I have to shamefully admit that I didn't know so many people there are muslims AND we didn't realize it was Ramadan. It was hard to find a restaurant to eat, even in the stupid shopping mall we ended up. Live and learn! I will be more aware next time we are there.
    Also in Singapore, we visited a mosque and had a very nice gentleman lead us around and answered all our questions we could think of about islam. Very helpful and so glad we did that and learned more.

    Karen |

    1. I'm so happy to hear that this crash course was beneficial! Oh wow traveling to Indonesia while it being Ramadan, I can imagine finding a place to eat for lunch time wasn't easy! And yes you got it, live and learn. We all learn from our experiences so even if something doesn't go the way we've planned, we can 110% confirm we learned something from it.

      That's so nice of the man to lead you guys around a Mosque and answer questions you had, it sounds like you had a fun time there (well minus the finding a place to eat part haha!) I would love to visit Indonesia one day!

  5. I did not know that if you cannot fast for whatever reason you have to make up for it during that year! I have watched muslim vloggers during Ramadan and that hasn't been mentioned before. I didn't know about not being able to smoke either, I guess it just depends on the person doesn't it and how strict they want to be. My boyfrineds friend didnt fast last year but did this year. This post was super interesting to read!! xx

    1. YAY I'm so happy you learned something new! It's one of the reasons why sometimes on twitter you may see some saying they have X days to make up their days before the next round of Ramadan.

      And yes! Depending on the person, they may approach Ramadan differently - one thing that's really important, especially during the month of Ramadan, is to not judge others based on where they are in their faith because we never know where someone is in their faith - that's only between the person + God. :)

      So glad to hear you enjoyed reading!