If you read my previous posts, you'll know that having a training plan didn't really do me any favors. I ended up overtraining which eventually led to me taking a few months break due to injuries. In my previous post I explained that I was going to be using the Nike+ Run Club App only to keep track of my pacing.

Well, uh so I ended up on the tab that said 'My Coach' and long story short I'm now on a Training Plan. If you're sitting there like girl what about what you said - they [RunKeeper App Training Plan] pushed you too hard & you ended up taking a few month break. This was the inner battle in my head - essentially. However the one thing that made me jump into a Training Plan was that I was only running one mile every other day and that was it. After 2 weeks my timing was pretty much floating around the same minute per mile - and so I thought maybe this app will be different. 

Also, only doing the same run every single day can get a little boring - well if you're me and forget to update your running playlist that is. Previously - I did a Training Plan with the RunKeeper App and the results were amazing: I was running faster- with a 6 min per mile time - however due to the intensity of my running I was doing every other day I ended up getting an injury on my foot which put me out of running for a few months.

I'm about 3 weeks into this Training Plan (out of 8 weeks) and I can see that there is a difference in my pacing - partly because the App puts in a day specifically for cardio exercises. Unlike the RunKeeper App that only kept me running, the Nike+ Run Club App includes strength training one day and then running on two other days.

I do feel myself getting stronger - and let me first tell you those cardio exercises are intense, especially considering I exercise while fasting. Doing strength training while fasting is interesting - and by that I mean I occasionally have to stop the exercise I'm doing to rest a bit more before continuing.

I should probably note that I exercise about an hour before it is time for me to break my fast - so essentially right when I finish my workout it's time to eat!
If you're wondering what I'm going on about in terms of fasting I've written a Crash Course on Ramadan

One thing I will say in terms of Having a Training Plan vs Not Having One is that having a training plan actually gives you motivation to go and work-out. I personally just always grab my sneakers & run regardless but it's good to have a bit of extra motivation to run and get the little green check when you finish a work-out.


In terms of Exercising Before & After a Run

I've changed my exercises a bit from the last time:

Before Run:
(Personally only use the ones before running)

After Run:


If you're sitting there like okay the Training Plan MAY give me SOME motivation but not enough to get me out the house / on a treadmill here are some accounts on Twitter that always make me motivated to go for a run:

Essentially - when people go out for a run they take a photo of their view while running & tag them in the photo and basically on your timeline you see amazing views people have while they're running.  

Pretty sure it's in the name but it's where there's a chat all about running  - I personally haven't been able to catch a chat due to actually running whenever the chat happens but I always check back to see the questions and see what the chat centered on!

They always have the best tips & exercises and relatable articles on running - oh and often they give a playlist to keep you powered through your runs!

They also give tips and some different exercises to incorporate before / after your run as well as healthy snacks to eat before/after a run.

Similar to the above Runner's World - great tips & advice on running.

Another tip - follow Olympic Runners - they're awesome & always get me motivated for my next run!

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