The Liebster Award: Learn A Bit More About Me

I just wanted to say - when I scrolled through the tag I noticed this photo being used  as well as variations of that photo but I wasn't sure about who the photo originally belonged to & so here we are with me using my photo above.

A while back, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Ain (who is amazing - you should definitely head over to check out her blog). I've heard a bit about the Liebster Award via on my Twitter timeline but didn't really know what it was all about till I was nominated. (Thank you Ain for nominating me!)

The Rules

1. Tell 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions that was given by the blogger who nominated you
3. Nominate 11 bloggers to join in on the challenge
4. Give them 11 questions

When I first got the nomination I was like ah yes I will have this done next week so exciting  - well next week turned into about a month later and here we are with me finally typing this; hope you enjoy learning more about me!
11 Facts about Me

‣  I love to exercise/run (OK WELL this is kind of already known)
‣ I prefer tea over coffee any time any day - and by prefer I mean I will never choose coffee.
‣ I cannot bake/cook without a recipe; I follow that recipe to a T to ensure I don't fail at what I'm making. [Me without a recipe in the kitchen is actually the definition of tragic]
‣ I am actually very sarcastic and am always laughing at something [sometimes I think I come across as too serious on my social media]
 I once binge watched 3 seasons in 2 1/2 days, 2 seasons in 2 days and 1 season in 1 day and a half.  # dedication
‣  I used to have such a good relationship with librarians that once I walked through the door they wouldn't even need my card to know who I am, they'd just look up and tell me the book I ordered has arrived.
‣  I love to read (if you couldn't tell from the above) - the book series that got me into reading was The Hunger Games.
‣  I don't really listen to the radio - I only know what music is 'popular' because I subscribe to a lot of singers on YouTube.
‣  I love to wear patterns and anything that's brightly colored.
10 ‣  Me + Ice cream = A Very Happy Sahara
11 ‣  I love the cold weather more than the hot weather - honestly give me snowy and chilly days and I'll be so content with life.

Before I go to the next section can I just say thinking of 11 facts about myself was actually hard - this took longer than it probably should have.
My answers to Ain's questions

1. What's your favourite smell?
Does chocolate melting count? If so, then that's it.

2. What is the last book you've read?
A Colony in A Nation - it's a really interesting book that puts America under a microscope.
I actually wrote an instagram caption summarizing what I took from the book OH and I wrote a Crash Course on the Boston Tea Party which was inspired by the book!

3. Are you good at hiding your feelings?
Hm. I'd say in some cases I'm an open book and in other cases my poker face is pretty strong.

4. Have you ever liked someone you didn't expect to?
[I'm taking this in a celebrity / people that are in a public position type of way.]

5. Have you ever been to a concert?
Yes! I've been to a Tori Kelly concert and it was amazing.

6. Do you have a phobia?
At the moment no.

7. Action or horror movie?
Action movies all the way - I feel like I sometimes laugh at horror movies because everything is so dramatic and I'm sitting there like uh why is that person running in slow motion that's not helping.

8. If you were born to be a different person, would you be a friend of your current self? If yes, why should you? If not, why shouldn't you?
I would say I'd be my friend because my sense of humor, having random knowledge on subjects
 and being the living embodiment of a comic relief sounds like a pretty good package deal in a friend.

9. What are the five top things you want to do in your bucket list?
1. Travel to Scandinavian Countries.
2.Travel to other countries.
3. Do a Triathlon
4.Qualify for Olympics Team
5. I actually don't have a fifth?

10. If you can have only once social media networking site to own forever, which one of these would you pick: Blog/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat
Twitter! I feel like this is self explanatory - I literally live on twitter.

11. How much do you think your life would change by the end of this year?
Not sure - I don't think it'll change all that much!

I nominate:

‣ The Lifestyle Flies [Viktoria]
‣ Life Startz Here [Sarah]


My Questions:

1. Do you prefer Tea or Coffee? [What a lovely generic question to start with ]
2. Have you ever read a book that changed your perspective on life? If so, what book was it?
3. What is your favorite historical time period? If you can go back to that point in history what is one thing you would change?
4. What is one topic/subject you wish you knew more of?
5. Do you speak more than one language?
6. Do you exercise daily? If so what is your go-to exercises?
7. Are you an optimistic person or a pessimistic person?
8. Would you say you manage your time wisely or procrastinate most of the time?
9. Do you pay attention to politics?
10. What are the top 5 songs you always listen to?
11. Do you prefer cold weather or hot weather?


I think that's a nice mix of questions- hope you enjoy answering them!


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