Jumping Around Training Schedules

I like to say I'm surprised I didn't complete the full 2 months of the Nike Training Schedule - but then again have I met myself? The first three weeks were amazing  - it challenged me on speed during 400M sprints and on endurance when the schedule had me run 2-3 miles. Though, here's the thing: The workouts followed a repetitive schedule of it's own.

There was a long run, speed workout sprinkled in somewhere during the week, and a cardio workout thrown in to make things interesting. In the beginning, it worked well for me because I wasn't used to any schedule - just ran everyday the same/similar distance. As I got to the third week, I sort of got bored of doing some variation of speed workouts, long runs and cardio. My body was used to keeping endurance for 2 miles, it grew comfortable with the sprints and the cardio workouts chosen weren't that much of a challenge anymore.

The app does move you up in terms of miles each week but finding motivation to continue with some variation of the three workouts soon became difficult. Yes, adding miles to get used to is amazing, but it's repetitiveness of the same thing every week (the only difference was the increase in miles) - it just got boring. (This might also have to do with running the same path on the sidewalk everyday.) It all comes down to motivation - this training schedule didn't really motivate me to continue.

Since the training plan didn't progress with me, I decided to make my own training schedule. Yes, I did this before I signed up for the Nike Training Schedule and found myself also lacking motivation - but I think this time it'll be different. Having the right training schedule keeps you motivated to continue.

What is a right training schedule?
Well, it depends on the person. For me - this month- it's switching around everything every 2 weeks.
(I'll let you know how that goes next month)

I learned I cannot do the same thing every week. If you workout as well, hi you should not be doing the same thing everyday.

Let me put it this way:

Every bone in your body, every muscle, is connected from one to the other, right?

If you do thigh workouts but not calves, your thighs are strong but your calves are weak. The point of working out is to workout your entire body not just one part. Every muscle should have it's time to shine as the focus of your workout.

The only way your body is going to feel strong is if you workout every part.

This is what I've learned since deciding to drift away from the Nike Training Schedule:
‣ Focus on different things each day and have variation
‣ Find a game to play while you're running to keep things interesting 
(I've stopped listening to music on my runs - which means my form is perfect but I find I am getting slower due to not listening to music.)
‣ After 2 weeks - change the entire training schedule (which I'm testing out making my own) to continue to challenge yourself & motivate you to continue.


What Exercises Am I Doing Now

I've been doing the Body Love With Lucy Challenge for the month of July

 DAY 1: HOME HIIT WORKOUT - 10 MINUTES - FULL BODY WORKOUT HIIT CARDIO (suitable for every fitness level)

One thing I love is that there is a beginners version of the exercise and an advanced on the right. Another thing is how motivational she is in the audio and how body positive the whole challenge is - if you're new to exercise I'd definitely recommend it!

If you give the workouts a try - let me know what you think!

Each day she focuses on a different part of the body which keeps things interesting!

In terms of Exercising Before & After a Run

These are the same as my previous fitness post 

Before Run:
(Personally only use the ones before running)

After Run:


I am trying to decide if I should write down my average pacing for the month - would that be something helpful to see or motivating to see progress (if there is any) ?


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  1. I don't have a training schedule and was never able to stick to one so I am super admirative that you have one. Never used an app either ! xx corinne

    1. It's a bit of a challenge sticking to a training schedule (always have to mix things up to keep things interesting) but it's also amazing to see how much you progress each week!

  2. I don't stick to a training schedule as such but I do try to mix it up as I know how bad repetitive workouts everyday can be x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌻🍂www.kayleighzaraa.com

    1. Yes! The best thing is to mix things up in terms of workouts because doing the same thing can get boring and doing the same thing doesn't really help since you aren't challenging yourself. To make workouts interesting, I'd definitely recommend trying to add a couple new workouts every time you exercise and also increasing the amount of reps you do to challenge yourself a bit!

  3. Wow! I'm not massively into exercise but the fact that you can do any of this is admirable! X

    Kim - www.sisterofthemoon.co.uk

    1. Thank you!! If you want to get into exercising, I'd recommend doing Lucy's [I've linked her above in the post under the heading 'What Exercises Am I Doing Now'] workout videos- she makes her videos in the format of beginner's workout on the left and advanced on the right :)

  4. I always wanted to try it! I mean serious running, but I'm a bit lazy these days! Need motivation lol! ;)


    1. All you need is some motivation (and also perhaps an amazing playlist) and I'm sure you'll love running! I wrote a post all about Motivation (I linked above towards the end of the post) - something that motivates me to run is following a lot of athletes and running accounts on social media. That usually has me going well if they're running why don't I go for a quick run too :)