#MarchForOurLives - New York City

Earlier today I participated in the March For Our Lives in New York City - I took some photos and thought to share them:

A young boy was leading the chants for a bit! It was amazing to see students and the elderly at the March For Our Lives.

The above photo made me laugh because clearly he had a midterm to study for but also wanted to attend the march so he put the two together and here we have a student studying for a midterm while at the March For Our Lives.

I then had my sister take a photo of me with my sign; if anyone was interested in what I was marching with:


I'm going to end with this: 

Power of the People > People in Power

If you aren't registered to vote, fix that right now and register. These congressmen think they can take money from the NRA and still have a job. They claim to serve the American People yet don't pass legislation to ensure the safety of the American People. They work for us. We are their employers. The only way for the Members of Congress to be out of Congress is if we vote them out. 

The Constitution begins with We the People, and do you know what We the People want?

Gun Control.


  1. To see all of these signs is amazing! It looks like there's so many people there too which is also incredible. Being from the UK, I can only begin to understand the frustration you must feel about this. It's amazing to see people speaking up for change though! I hope you get some soon x


    1. All the signs were so creative and each one got the point across. It was amazing to see that not only was this march happening nationwide but also internationally! I'm hoping change comes from this too- sooner rather than later!

  2. Great post! Such an important event to talk about and cause to defend! Your photos are great too :)


  3. Thank you for marching. Thank you for sharing all these pictures with us! I have been really frustrated with the USA gun culture and I feel kind of helpless to change it. This march gives me hope for our future.
    Karen from https://www.OurCarpeDiem.com

    1. At times it can really feel like it's helpless when Congressmen are taking money from the NRA and are essentially being bought by them. Midterms are today and I'm really hoping those that are taking money from the NRA are voted out, fingers crossed!