At around this time last year, I finished crocheting my first hat and I learned a lot about Patience which brought my Patience is Key post into existence. This third time around, I decided to test out a new style of crochet - ribbed crochet - because why not test my basically fetus crocheting knowledge with a challenge.

I've learned to apply this mindset to a lot of areas in my life recently. It's so easy to stay in the lines of where you're comfortable. Who wants to leave something cozy for a blizzard they know nothing about?

But by staying where you're comfortable, does that mean you sacrifice your growth for comfort?

As a Computer Science major, I wouldn't grow as a developer by doing the same exact coding project everyday - I have to challenge my coding abilities with something new. There's only so many ways to write Hello World* in different fonts and aesthetics. And yes, this means half the time I'm in the unknown but I learn the most when I'm in the unknown because the unknown doesn't stay unknown forever.

*Hello World is essentially what every programmer learns to program first; in every programming language the first thing you're doing is outputting Hello World one way or another.


The more you step into fresh waters and stay in it, the warmer the water becomes. Sure, the water will be freezing for a bit, but as you stick around in it you'll start to feel nice and cozy. So what's the analogy here? The unknown can give a shock to the brain and activate the fight or flight mode, but if you stick around to absorb the new information and knowledge, the more you learn and the more you grow.

who am i? a hat model apparently 

As a runner, I wouldn't speed up on the track if I didn't shuffle my training around to do something different everyday. If I only ran 3 miles every day that's not really helping me in terms of speed, just endurance. By not stepping into the unknown that was Speed Workouts, I wouldn't have progressed to where I am now with a 7:40 pacing.

me and Spring having a nice 1 to 1 chat on the daily forecast for next week because apparently Spring is confused

As a person who crochets, I wouldn't grow as a crocheter if I just stuck to the same patterns. Where's the fun in only doing what you know and not challenging yourself? Also, the feeling of accomplishment after finishing this hat with a new vibe compared to my very first hat can't even be described in words - I'm just so happy and proud that I! made! that!

Growth doesn't happen when you stick with what you know, it happens when you branch out into something new. That something new overtime turns into something you know, and the process repeats.

Have you ever crocheted? Challenged yourself recently with something in the ~unknown~? I'd love to know!


To anyone wondering, when making this hat I used the same sources on my Patience is Key post.

p.s. My sister and I have started a coding blog and Youtube Channel - if you're interested, the blog is HERE, our Instagram is HERE and YouTube Channel is HERE.