A few days ago I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and although I'm loving the fact I'll never take a final exam or see a scantron sheet again, I also note that I'm closing a chapter of my life with a structure that I've always known. Early morning studying, cramming for an exam a professor hasn't taught the material for, and pockets of free time spent at my University gym.

A class structured day is the only structure I've been living since the moment I entered Pre-School. When I ended Elementary School, I went to Middle School. From Middle School, I entered High School. After High School I found my way to University. Now that I've completed University, I now step into what professors continuously mentioned ~ the real world. 

I love everything about the programming world, - well, not the male dominance - turning a small idea that only exists in your mind into something others can see. During my last couple of years at University, I did apply to internships but I never got a call or email back. On the day of my graduation, I got an email notifying me that I didn't get the NASA internship I was hoping day and night I'd get. And that's okay. Multiple doors have closed for me but I trust that God will open other doors that are meant for me.

for context of this photo: people were jet skiing in 50°F | 10°C and I was shook

I've recently been thinking about my place on this Earth (cue literal existential crisis at 21 years old) and wondering what I can do to help others. How can I make a difference? How can I do something to improve someone else's quality of life? I don't have the answers to those questions that wrap around my mind on a daily basis at the moment. I'm hoping that as I dive into the sea of opportunities and jobs in the tech world, I answer those questions.

Time spent on my phone and computer mindlessly scrolling on each social media app until it's time to refresh the page because I ended on the same part of the page I've already read is something I've been doing less of. Scrolling through social media can be time consuming, sometimes we don't even realize the time passing. 

A bit of a side bar, but I've borrowed the book All The Light We Cannot See for pretty much this entire year. I borrowed it during my Fall semester from my University library after seeing it pop up on Pinterest. Projects, Exams, and pockets of free time spent scrolling on social media or going to the gym took up all my time. At the end of the Fall semester, I read 3 pages. The librarian mentioned how it was a popular book and began asking me what I thought of it. I mentioned that I didn't have much time to read it so couldn't really answer her question.

In the Winter Break, I borrowed the book from my local library and made a ~pact~ with myself to finish it before the Winter Break was finished. That break was spent doing different variations of ab workouts and the book was untouched. The Spring Semester began and I continuously renewed the book. University came to an end, and I picked the book up. I didn't have any renewals left, this was my last chance to finish the book before I had to hand it back.

For the past few days, I read the book and I realized how much I've missed the feeling of letting my mind set the scene from the details written on each page. I finished the book, finally. Instead of grabbing for my phone during my pockets of free time I went for the book instead and I feel like my brain is awake and ready to absorb another story, another adventure.

The reason I mention how long it took me to complete this book is because I now realize that all those times filled with scrolling could have been spent reading. Now I have all the free time since I graduated, and it's all down to how I use it. 

I don't want to spend it scrolling. I don't want to spend it clicking out of one app to go to another. I want to spend my free time growing as a developer, applying to jobs, and starting my career. The only way my career can start is if I put down the phone and look over the horizon and see the opportunities that are in my path. 

So, I find myself asking: What are you going to do? What will be your impact in this life?

I'm going to be applying to jobs/internships and dive straight into the real world; no need for floaties, I've spent Pre School - University learning how to swim in the real world and I'm ready for it. As for what will be my impact in this life: I don't know the answer to that. Although I will mull this question over in my mind until I do find the answer to it, the answer to the question will come from wherever my career takes me.

Have you just graduated/ ended your semester? If so how are you using your free time? LET YA GIRL KNOW!