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I used to be one of those people who thought who even wins giveaways? Until I won one. My first giveaway I won was my RoadiD which I wrote about here, Staying Safe As A Solo Runner. Fast forward to now, I was partaking in a BibRave Chat. During this BibRave Chat, Buff was partnering and at the end BibRave would choose two winners to be gifted with a Buff as long as you answered the questions they asked with the hashtag #BibChat.  I was watching Harry Potter as I was chatting and suddenly got the notification on Twitter that I was one of the winners!

What is Buff?
Buff is essentially multifunctional headwear to keep you warm throughout any activity that you may be doing.  In the photo above I wear it around my neck (I usually wear it underneath my Nike Hijab on my neck but for photo purposes I am wearing it over my Nike Hijab), but it can be worn as a headband, a bandana etc.  There are 12 different ways to wear it!

Buff actually began when one of the founders, who was/is a fan of motorcycling, was trying to find a solution to keeping his neck & head protected. That's when this idea of a multifunctional headwear was born. The name Buff is actually a shortened version of the word bufanda which is the Spanish word for scarf. As the weather gets colder and winter finally settles in, anyone who is athletic is on the quest to keep warm as the seasons change!

Which Buff did I get?
I got the Original Reflective R-Coral Pink one. I tend to always stick with blues and greys (special shout out to the men's section for having no fun patterns/colors - personally I like to have a lil bit of room in my running tops) so having a pop of color seemed like a great idea. The great thing about this one is that it's reflective i.e. If I end up going on an evening run and it gets darker a little sooner than I thought, cars would still be able to see me!

ALSO! Almost forgot the best part! It is made with 2 recycled plastic bottles!

HOW DOES IT FEEL ON THE NECK: 2.31 Mile Run in 45°F | 7°C

This was my first run with my Buff and it was a bit windy so I thought it was the perfect weather to start wearing it. However, as I was running I was overly aware that something was around my neck and it felt uncomfortable. I think this is majorly because my neck wasn't used to something being there to keep it warm. As I finished the run, I began to think that it probably needed to be colder to wear it.  I ran at a 9:53 pacing and finished the run itself in 22:55. I was building up mileage after an injury hence the not so fast run.

the amount of times I had to run past my tripod because I was going too fast and my phone couldn't capture me at the right moment - so uh enjoy a blurry Sahara running

HOW DOES IT FEEL ON THE NECK: 100M Sprints (2.08 Miles total) in 52°F | 11°C

This was a Speed Workout - 20 Repetitions of Mile Sprints for 30 seconds. (Uh basically 30 seconds of sprinting 20 times in a row with a minute rest in between each) So, although it was a little bit warmer compared to the first day I wore it, it didn't bother me as much. This confirmed to me that I just needed to get used to something keeping my neck warm as I run. I ran this run with a pacing of 7:12 and finished the run itself in 15:00.

For transparency here's the list of my workout that day:

HOW DOES IT FEEL ON THE NECK: 3.29 Mile Run in 56°F | 13°C

By this time around, I have gotten comfortable with running with something keeping my neck warm. This was actually my Race Day, and it was windy and raining. Throughout this run my Buff kept me warm but not tooo warm to the point where I felt uncomfortable. I finished my race with a time of 27:57!

HOW DOES IT FEEL ON THE NECK: 3.1 Mile Run 40°C | 4°C

The temperature was slowly going down and although the Buff is meant to keep me warm, during this run I started to become overly aware of it. You know when you're wearing a winter scarf and your neck just wants to be free because it's too hot even though it's actually freezing? Yep so that was me during this run.

One thing I realized is that what makes it or breaks it for me when it comes to this Buff is whether or not it's going to be windy/freezing run. If it's not windy then that's when I feel I begin to feel uncomfortably hot with it on.

I finished this run with a pacing of 9:23 per mile and finished the run itself in 29:27 (thankfully I now feel strong enough to continue increasing my speed per mile wohoo for being injury-free!)

here we have me holding my tripod remote not knowing how else to pose for a photo anymore

MY VERDICT ON THE Buff: It's great to keep you warm as it starts to get colder. Winter is Coming and it's better to bundle up with something that's really lightweight.  The great thing is that it absorbs my sweat so I'm never actually sweating around my neck.

Although I feel it really depends on wind in terms of comfort, there were times where it felt uncomfortable while I was running but on my cool down walk I was thankful to be wearing it.

Also any snowboarders out there? Skiers? MY WINTER SPORTS FAM PLS INVEST when you're going down slopes this will 100% be keeping your neck warm. I for one know I will be wearing this when I go skiing - although light it does a great job of keeping me warm on my windy runs. 

Not really a have-it-around-your-neck type of person?
Other than there being 12 different ways to wear it, they also have warm hats!

Have a four legged running friend?
They also have Buffs for them too! You can't leave your running friend without some warm neckwear!

Have a little kid that's also athletic and loves to run/ski/snowboard/what-ever-sport-floats-your-boat?
They have Kid Buff's too!

How are you preparing for running/what-ever-sport-floats-your-boat in the colder months? 

p.s: I wasn't paid to write this or anything like that, I just won the giveaway and felt like doing a review on it!


  1. Another incredibly informative post, Sahara! You are a runners dream with all the information. These sound like really handy contraptions and I LOVE that they do ones for doggies too, that's so cute! I don't go running but if I did, I'd actually be more inclined to go in Winter because I LOVE the cold and getting too hot makes my anxiety go crazy!


    1. Thank you so much Jenny!! It really is a lifesaver as the weather get colder + windier, just what every runner needs to stay warm! I was so happy to see that they had ones for dogs too because I see so many runners running with their dogs and of course they need to stay warm too! Can't have them freezing as the temperature drops!

      Winter running > every other season. I love the winter season for running because I don't feel so uncomfortably hot during my runs, there's always a perfect breeze! In the summer running in 90˚F | 32˚C was not fun at all - felt like I needed to constantly have a gallon of water on standby!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting Jenny!

  2. I love that it has multiple uses as well as keeping you super warm!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. That's one thing I really loved too - so many different ways to wear it!

  3. Oh yay, go for you winning two giveaways! I won a beauty one recently too and it's such a good feeling isn't it?! This sounds like the perfect prize for you as well and you're clearly getting good use of it which is great! I'd like to say I'd make good use of one too but I'm definitely not a runner haha.

    Soph - https://sophhearts.com x

    1. I'm not even joking when I tell you I did a double take when I got the twitter notifications, I was just so in shock! YAY for you winning a beauty one, it's such a great feeling, felt so excited when it came in the mail!

      It's honestly something I didn't realize I needed until it arrived on my doorstep, I wear it every run now and can't imagine going out without it!

      HAHAHA you never know if maybe you'll start lacing up your sneakers for a run one day!!

  4. This is really interesting to me. I always freeze when I run in the colder months. I really struggle staying warm, even indoors and I find that my joints seize up quite badly in the cold. I tend to stick to shorter speed runs and give up on distance completely when it gets really cold. My hair is really long and kinda doubles up as a mini scarf during the day and I REALLY feel the cold around my neck when I tie it back for my runs.

    I'm very intrigued by what you said about the wind being the factor that made you notice a difference when wearing it, rather than the temperature. I'd be a bit concerned about how comfortable it is around the neck but I could certainly use something like this. Really cool that the idea initiated from motorcycle racing too! x


    1. Keeping warm in the colder months for running is always such a hard task! I have to bundle up with heattech leggings + put joggers on top and depending on if it's raining/snowing I have either my sweater or a running raining jacket to keep warm.

      Going on longer distances in the cold definitely has me at times contemplating cutting the run short because of how cold it is - the speed runs are always fun to do though because it's like you're there for 15 minutes and then back home for warmth!

      That's one thing that I noticed after a few of my runs - it really depends on if there is wind or not. The other day it was 21˚F | -6˚C and windy and it was PERFECT to to have but if there isn't wind that's when I start to feel a bit hot with it on. If it isn't windy then in the beginning of my run it's fine because my body hasn't warmed up yet but towards the middle of my run that's when I start to become overly aware of it because my body is all warmed up!

      It's a real life saver when for winter running though - when it's windy it's essentially your best friend hahaha!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting Sophie!!

  5. I really want to start exercising more and running is one of the activities I want to try and do more regularly - It's so cold in the UK right now so this post came at the perfect time honestly. I'll have to keep the Buff in mind! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Exercising is so much fun and it 100% puts me in a happier mood throughout the day since I do most of runs/workouts really early in the morning! This Buff is honestly such a life saver for winter running when the breeze is a little bit more than crisp, it'll keep you nice and warm!!

  6. Running is something that I hate, but I really want to get into it, as it's an amazing form of exercise! This seems so handy to have, and it's so cute that you can get one for your pet too! Congrats on winning the giveaways too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. HAHA running usually is a love/hate relationship in the beginning! It's really an amazing form of exercise! When I first picked up running I used to always rely on some music to keep me company so maybe a good playlist to keep you in the running zone is just what you need :)

      I was so happy to see that they had Buff's for pets too- I see so many runners running with their dogs so I can only imagine them twinning to keep warm in the winter!

      And thank you!!! I was so surprised/shocked when I saw I was one of the winners!

  7. It's that brown hoodie that I love so much making another appearance *smirk face emoji*. I have never heard of Buff before but it does sound really handy for runners, especially because there are so many different ways to wear it. I can imagine how it can be uncomfortable sometimes if you wear it on your neck, especially when you get hot. I don't run but I would love one of these for my neck anyway as it is something that always gets cold, and the back of my head! I like the colour because it stands out and like you said thats fab if you are wearing it at night. Loveeee the confidence skills to take pics of yourself in public!! I am still yet to win a giveaway :( but congrats!! How cute would it be getting one of these for your dog to keep its neck warm whilst running with you!! GOALS xxxx


    1. HAHA it's honestly the comfiest hoodie ever to run in! I haven't heard of Buff until I was partaking in the chat and honestly I'm so glad that I heard of them and thankful to have been chosen as one of the giveaway winners - it has been a literal saving grace during my extremely windy runs that sometimes end up with me being pushed by the wind down a hill hahaha!

      Yes! If it isn't windy that's when I start to feel a bit hot with it on - in the beginning I'd be fine but towards the middle of my run (when I'm already warmed up) that's when I start to feel a bit hot with it on.

      I feel like it'd be great to have for casual too - it's really lightweight but does a great job at keeping you warm so win win situation! Once I saw it on the site I was sold, it's so bright and! since it's reflective cars would still be able to see me in the evening :)

      AWW thanks! It took me a while to get comfortable in front of a tripod in public but now I have a lot of fun- it's like the saying practice makes perfect! :)

      AWW GIRL YOUR TIME IS COMING I BELIEVE IN YOU - according to my family I have some odd luck when it comes to running/athletic related giveaways so if you ever see a giveaway just let ya girl know and I will enter/retweet/what-ever-is-necessary on your behalf!


      Thank you so so much for reading and commenting Sharnah! ❤️❤️

    2. hahaha thank you! Hopefully my time is coming soon too! I think you need to get a dog so you can be twinning and go on runs together!!