Run to the Beat

According to my family, if a giveaway is running related then I have some odd luck and I can't say I disagree with them. I started staring at Aftershokz headphones after I saw trackclubbabe over on Instagram mention them. Personally, I haven't listened to music on my runs for majority of 2018 because I felt that I needed to focus more on my form.  Now, that I knew my form was where it needed to be, I started debating on getting Aftershokz TrekzAir headphones.  I always have headphones on for my runs for the Nike App to let me know when I've completed my distance with the lovely white wire tangling around me from my phone on my arm.

Aftershokz was holding a Halloween Giveaway on Twitter - aka the place where I spend most of my time, it's basically my internet home - and my little carved pumpkin was one of the two winners!

What is Aftershokz?
 They're basically every sport-human-whatever-sport-you-do best friend. (Well, minus swimming! But! Just today they promo'd that there will be Aftershokz headphones that! are! waterproof! AND ALSO HEADPHONES ON GLASSES TOO? WATCH THE PROMO VIDEO IM EXCITED ) They sell wireless bone conduction technology headphones.

What does bone conduction technology mean?
If you're like me and did a bit of head scratching when I wrote bone conduction technology - no worries! So essentially,  Bone Conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of your skull.

Speedy translation: When sounds travels to your eardrums and bones at the same time! In the case of headphones, the sound reaches our ears as vibrations through the bones.

Uh lol ok go on...?
So, what this means is that the headphones don't ever cover my entire ear and are not into my ear as normal headphones are yet I am still able to hear the sound of my music. 

Which Aftershokz headphones did I get?
I got the Aftershokz TrekzAir  one in Slate Grey! The great thing about these headphones is that I can hear both my surroundings AND my music (you'll see why this becomes important later on in this post!).

here we have me being an extra person with the box to show you how it looks on the ear because for obvious reasons I can't show you how it looks on my ear

HOW DOES IT FEEL ON EARS: 3.1 Mile Run in 32°F | 0°C

This was my first run with my TrekzAir . They were really comfortable on the ears and did not bounce off/unhook from around my ears as I was running. This was actually my first run with music in about a year and the good thing about TrekzAir was that I was able to hear my breathing to make sure that it was controlled and not all over the place while also listening to my music. The really funny thing is that since I haven't been running with music for so long I kind of wasn't even paying attention to my music however! overall, it was comfy on the ears and didn't have me fumbling around to re-hook it around my ears.

HOW DOES IT FEEL ON EARS: Hill Sprints (0.81 Miles total) in 35°F | 1°C

This was a Speed Workout (as you can tell by the phrase hill sprints) and although higher in degree than the previous run, this run was a lot more windier. And by windy I felt like the wind was going to toss me down my hill. So, the TrekzAir on the ears was great, even as I was charging up the hill with the wind having way too much fun with me (my hat flew off) and with an average pacing of 6'55 it did not move off my ear and stayed put. However, the wind sometimes overpowered my music so I had to make it a bit higher at times so I could properly hear it. 

For transparency here's the list of my workout that day:

HOW DOES IT FEEL ON THE EARS: 1.30 Mile Run in 39°F | 3°C

By this time around, I have gotten comfortable with running my TrekzAir to the point where it almost didn't even feel like I had something on my ears? The great thing is that they're really lightweight yet stay put. This was a speed run - On The Move from the Nike+ Run Club app - and I went my mile, 5K, and 10K pacing. Through all, the headphones were nice and comfortable and didn't bounce up and down as I sprinted with a 5'30 pacing for my mile pacing.

HOW DOES IT FEEL ON THE EARS: Hill Sprints (1.04 Miles total) in 23°F | -5°C

If you couldn't tell by the temperature this run was FREEZING and also really windy. This was another hill sprint workout but on a different hill (15 times sprinting up!).  I was a bit curious to see if the change in weather - you know how some tech freezes in the cold? - would affect the TrekzAir. I am happy to report that although it said it was 23°F but the real feel was in the teens it worked perfectly fine! No change in sound quality at all. As for the wind, I just had to make my sound a bit higher to semi-block out the wind.

I finished this run with a pacing of 6'27 per mile and finished the run itself in 6:43 (my legs felt like jello from a workout the day before called leg-pocalypse so I'm really happy with my pacing for these hill sprints - managed to even go 5'14 for my first rep!)

it comes with a small pouch for the headphones! 

MY VERDICT ON THE TrekzAir : It's really lightweight on the ears, and also! it scoops low on the back of your head, and doesn't move at all no matter what speed you're going at. I 10/10 recommend solo runners, cyclists (since it scoops low on the back, you can wear a helmet no problem with them on!), and group runners (since you can hear both your surroundings AND music they're great to have a conversation while also still being able to listen to your music) to look into getting one.

  • The battery life is great - it lasted me nearly 6 runs before I had to charge it (battery life is 6 hours!)
  • You can also connect your TrekzAir to your laptop (allows for it to be connected to two devices at one time) 
  • You can accept calls on it - the microphone works great! I've filmed a few of my Run With Me Videos on my YouTube Channel if you'd like to see how the sound quality is. 
  • It comes with ear buds as well - if say you're at the gym/safe place where you don't need to pay attention to your surroundings, you can just plug in the ear plugs and listen to your music only.
I also tested them in the rain - they say on the box that they are not waterproof but they are water resistant, so since it wasn't pouring and was a light drizzle I put my hat on over just in case/ also ran with just my Nike Hijab covering it and they were fine! (Though let's not live on the wild side and pls wear at least a hat over them when running in the rain.)

I also tested this almost in the snow - you know when it's really cold and it's about to snow? Yep, so that was actually the first run that I reviewed in this post above. Quality stays the same, and from my thorough 3 months testing, the technology doesn't freeze as the temperature drops!

Also one thing I really liked is that their instruction manual has instructions in English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and two other languages that I can't actually decipher. This made me really happy because it shows that their target demographic is not just people who are native english speakers. I wonder if more languages will be added like Arabic or Japanese, perhaps?

In terms of hearing your surroundings as you run here are a couple of reasons where wearing TrekzAir came in handy:

  • For a 3.1 mile run back in November, I was running comfortably along a path that wasn't really crowded with runners. When I was running through it was just me and a young boy who zoomed straight across from me extremely fast. To make a long story short he turned and saw that there was a runner in the area (i.e. me) and started asking for help. My head was turned in the opposite direction of him but I was able to hear him because TrekzAir ensures that you can hear your surroundings clearly as well as your music. So, I was able to help him (he was lost).
  • In December, as I was stretching before I went for my run - listening to some music as I did so - I had my head turned to the left. I heard someone approaching me on my right and it turns out someone was just asking for the time. It's always great to be on guard though because you never know who you're going to cross paths with.
  • Earlier this month, I was stretching before a run and closed my eyes for a second and then felt someone coming closer to me. I opened my eyes and it turns out it was just a dog owner whose dog was really energetic - we exchanged 'Good Morning's' and that as the end of that. 
  • Earlier this month I was running a Fartlek on the Track with the Nike+ Run Club app and someone else who happened to be walking started asking me if I dropped car keys on the track. They weren't my keys however I knew another runner was on the other side of the track so I raced over to him and asked if he lost his keys. Turns out they were his. I didn't have to take my headphones out or lower my music for both instances.
In all of these instances it was really important for me to be aware of my surroundings. If you enjoy listening to music as you exercise, I really recommend getting these headphones. You never know when hearing both your surroundings + music is going to come in handy. 

Personally, I really like having a clear mind and running without listening to music but sometimes music can be a great way to keep your run fun!

Do you listen to music as you run /what-ever-sport-floats-your-boat? 

p.s: I wasn't paid to write this or anything like that, I just won the giveaway and felt like doing a review(which took 3 months because I really wanted to test it out in all conditions) on it!


  1. I tend to only really use earphones for my longer runs, and listen to podcasts over music, but I have been looking for some comfortable running style ones and these have definitely caught my eye now! They sound great.

    1. I've seen/heard a lot of people who prefer listening to podcasts over music and I haven't given podcasts a try yet! After using music for all types of runs, I now only opt for music when I go on my long runs - sometimes a good disconnect is great for shorter runs to focus a bit more :)

      They're really comfortable on the ears and don't move at all no matter how fast / how much wind is coming in your general direction from the few months I've been testing them out and since they're lightweight they're perfect for long runs, almost doesn't feel like you have anything on - can't recommend them enough!

  2. Wow these headphones seem great - and perfect for exercising. I want to start going to the gym regularly and I get bored easily so listening to something and hate being all caught up in wires and stuff so this is a great option. I also really appreciate the fact that you took 3 months to review them as that's a really good time period in which you can see how they worked for you. Thanks for sharing!

    1. They really are, the best thing is finally not having my arms caught up in a wire! And I have to agree, I'm constantly updating my playlist because I get so easily bored of songs after listening to them so often.

      AW Thanks! I really wanted to give a full & honest review on them through different temperatures / workouts so that if anyone was thinking about buying them but wasn't sure if they were ~the one~ this could help them out :) Thank you so much for reading!

  3. Oooh I've been looking for some headphones for when I'm cycling so these would be absolutely perfect for me! I will definitely check them out!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. YAY my review came at the right time then! Since it hangs low at the back, you can easily have your helmet on + still listen to your amazing playlist as you're cycling :)

  4. These look so fancy and hi-tech. Also love the commitment of spending time using them and then reviewing them!


    1. They're the perfect headphones as you exercise that's for sure! And thank you!! I wanted to give a full review on them through different temperatures / workouts so that if anyone was thinking about buying them but wasn't sure if they were ~the one~ this could help them out :) Thank you so much for reading!

  5. They sound perfect! I don't typically listen to anything on my runs as I find the noise distracting but I wish I had the option on longer ones sometimes when I'm not really focusing on pace. I have small ears (didn't realise that until I started running) and I can't use in ears when I'm moving because they just fall out (my ears aren't big enough to hold them in place, who knew that was a thing?). So they sound like they could be really useful for me, definitely going to look into these x


    1. I'm the same! I tend not to listen to music on my runs, kind of like to just focus on the run itself & have a clear mind, but for the longer runs they really come in handy (though I am constantly editing my playlist because of how often I grow tired of listening to a song for more than 5 times haha)

      That's happened to me before! I have some headphones that just slip right out of my ears the second I start picking up my pace- since these don't go in your hear but wrap around them a bit, I'd definitely suggest taking a look at them :)

  6. Okay these seem like they're from the future?! What amazing technology and glad to see they work really well and are comfortable too!

    I don't run but when I used to go to the gym, I'd ALWAYS have music on. I wouldn't have been able to get through a workout otherwise because I'd get too bored haha!


    1. RIGHT?! It's like having the best of both worlds with being safe by hearing your surroundings + listening to your music as you exercise! They're so nice and light weight, Aftershokz designed them amazingly!

      HAHAHA sometimes all we need is a good playlist to push us through a workout!

  7. These sound great! I'm more of a swimmer than a runner though, so I'm looking forward to seeing if they do come out with a waterproof version. That's the only thing I hate about swimming- having no music on. I find it a nice distraction, and something to focus on rather than how much I'd rather be in bed haha! It's great that they're so comfy and the manual comes in a number of languages too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I was so happy when I saw they were branching out to waterproof headphones - I always thought that swimmers were left out of the cool tech headphones because majority aren't waterproof so! I am just so happy to see that 2019 is the year Aftershokz have designed waterproof ones :)

      I really love how light weight they are, light weight but also can handle some wind coming my general direction ahaha - and that was one of the first things I realized! It made me really happy to see that there were multiple languages for the manual :)

  8. I've just started running and these sound like these could really come in handy! The picture didn't look too comfy so I'm glad that they actually were!

    Jas xx |

    1. YAY so happy hear you started running (it's really an amazing sport even if in the beginning it's like uh why did I choose this hahaha) - yep! They are super comfy, if you check Aftershokz out on twitter/instagram they always post photos of people wearing them if you want to get a better picture of how they'd look on :)

  9. I've never even heard of this brand but I love the sound of the headphones and they seem like the perfect product for you! It's such a good feature that you can still hear your surroundings while you're listening to your music, it can be so disorientating if you notice someone talking to you or trying to get your attention while you are zoned out with headphones in so these would eliminate that problem altogether! Congratulations on winning the giveaway and I'm glad you're getting so much use out of them

    1. That's the best thing about these headphones + what makes them different from other brands - you're able to hear your surroundings clearly AND listen to your amazing playlist - best of both worlds! And yes that's happened to me before! When I'm so zoned out in my music and then not realizing that someone is trying to get my attention - this makes sure that doesn't happen at all :)

      And thank you!!! I can't imagine running without them now :)

  10. Wow congratulations on another win! I find working out with earphones in SO awkward so these sound absolutely amazing. Its so great that they're so comfortable that you can barely feel them- I find some can be so distracting. These will come in so handy for you!

    Soph - x

    1. Thank you!!! The best thing is not getting tangled with my wire as I'm exercising, and yes! they're super comfy and really nice and lightweight :)

  11. Wait headphones on glasses!? I like the sound of that. I have never heard of Bone Conduction before but it sounds interesting but complex. The pic of you pointing to the box + the caption gave me a little giggle! This is why I love reading your posts they always make me laugh. Can we talk about your teeth though?? They are so straight!! I can remember back in school when I was training for something that is called in the UK as "the cooper run" (if I remember correctly we had to run for 12 mins without stopping, which was pure HELL for a unfit, lazy, veggie anaemic like myself LOL) and my headphones always used to fall out my ears it used to drive me crazy, so I am glad they fir nicely for you. These headphones really do sound great. It is so important to be able to hear your surrounding, especially if you will be out running at night! So it is amazing that these headphones enable that! xx

    1. I just happened to be scrolling and noticed an odd number of comments on this post and realized I never hit sent on reply comment to you and i- how did it take me so long to realize this!!!

      YESS headphones on glasses! Aftershokz is really changing the game with music + headphones - and yess the best thing is being able to hear your music and also your surroundings! HAHAH 4 years of braces really saved my teeth from the crooky-village they were that's for sure!!

      In the US we all have to run the mile to pass out Gym class, so whenever I'd go out to run to practice for it, I'd wear my headphones and they'd always fall right out so often throughout the run, it was like I spent more time fixing my headphones than running! The great thing is that since they don't go directly in your ear, but around, you won't ever have to stop because it fell out or something!

      YES so important! Running at night definitely means paying attention to your surroundings 105% more than normal - honestly, don't think I'll ever go back to any other headphones for running, they're the best especially for a gym day too!