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A little while ago I mentioned I bought new sneakers in my When to Get New Running Sneakers post, but I didn't mention which sneaker company I went with. So, here we are, finally 3 Months of running with this shoe to give you a full rundown on the Pros and Cons of my new running sneaker.

Say hello to On Running's Cloudswift.

And as the name suggests, you will feel like you're running on clouds. I came across the brand On Running after seeing USA Heptathlete Chair Hawkins being sponsored by them and her wearing the Cloudswift. If you're new here, there are 2 Olympians I am very up-to-date with on on social media and that's Chari Hawkins and Georganne Moline, 400M Hurdler - they're a great instagram follow for inspiration and motivation! Anyways, before this ends up a post of me listing all the reasons why you should follow them, let's talk about Cloudswift!

Are the Cloudswift a Neutral or Stability Support Sneaker?

They are a Stability Support sneaker. I have a flat foot - as in quite literally there is no arch in my foot at all. So, I need all the support to makes sure my foot is protected - as running is a high impact support, getting the right shoe for your feet is super important.

Did they take a while to break in?

Before running in them, I walked in them for 3 days - to the library, to my house, everywhere. When I went running with them I had no issues with blisters in the back or any type of pain while running. This type of On Running shoe is not narrow at all.

Did you size up?

I normally get my running sneakers in a size 9 US while my normal-walking-sneakers are a size 8 1/2. I went in store to try them on in a size 9 and they had a comfortable amount of room for my toes and around my foot. I would recommend trying them in store first though before purchasing online.

They have a lot of third party sellers rather than an actual On Running store, so you can check near you if local sneaker stores have them for you to try on before purchasing online from the actual On Running website. Depending on the type of On Running sneaker, you may have to size up. For example, the Cloud X cuts a bit smaller than the Cloudswift, so I would have to try them in person to see if I'd need to go up a half size.

On Running CloundSwift in teal

Do they feel light while you're running?

No. In the beginning, I was hyper aware of how heavy the Cloudswift were compared to my Nike's. Though I should note that my Nike sneakers support was non-existent at this point so really any shoe would feel heavy when I made the switch to a new one. The first time I went running with them they felt  heavy and I felt I was running slower because I still had to adapt to the support of the sneaker.

Three months of running, and I would best summarize them as 'chunky' but comfortable. They take a while to get used in terms of support, and I'm only aware of their "weight" when my running form is a bit off. Like if I'm not landing mid foot with a forward lean then I'm hyper aware of their weight if that makes sense?

Are the Cloudswift comfortable?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Nothing compares to the comfort level of these shoes. You'll really feel like you're walking/running on clouds. No shoe can compare at all. If it helps at all: I bought my mom the Cloud 50 | 50 for her birthday and she loved how comfortable they were as she walked. My sister (that same day they arrived to my house) happened to notice them, tried them on and later that week went to buy herself a pair.

So, in terms of comfort they are mama and sister approved™.

How do they feel during track workouts?

I love them on the track, the support, although took a while for me to get used to in terms of heavy-ness, is amazing. As I'm sprinting, I'm not aware of their weight though- as I mentioned, if I have the right form, they don't feel heavy at all. It's all in your form for these shoes! So anytime I feel them heavy, I know that my form needs some minor adjustments.

How do they feel during hill sprints?

Okay, this is the section I was waiting to tell you all about! The first time I went hill sprinting with them, one of my intervals was a 4'38 pacing/mile. I've never seen those numbers before. I've never seen a 4 minute mile ever as an interval. If you couldn't tell, they are amazing for hill sprints, the support is really just what I needed.

I mentioned the interval to a friend of mine, and she mentioned that I probably had that speed in me all this time, I just wasn't wearing the right shoes. And she's not wrong now that I think of it!

How are they in the rain?

So, they aren't waterproof but I did run with them (because do I look like I have multiple running sneakers for different weathers no no no) and they didn't feel weighed down at all. They felt the same as they would when it was sunny outside. They have a good grip on the bottom, so from my experience I did not feel ~slippy~.

I really tried to take an artsy photo of the bottom and this is what I ended up with...

What are the laces on the them like?

So up until yesterday, I didn't have any issues with the laces. They are a bit on the thin side, so I really recommend double knotting them to make sure they don't become undone. Yesterday, while I was running they became undone even though they were double tied - I mainly think this is because I didn't tighten them enough though not so much fault with the thinness of the lace, however I wanted to be as transparent as possible.

I really wanted to take a jumprope photo but uh wow that's hard to do..

One thing the above photo shows really well is that the middle section of the shoe isn't separate from the sides like most running sneakers which is great because I never have to keep moving the middle section to it's proper center position. Just so you all know what I'm talking about below is a red circle on the "middle and side" being connected:

red circle around middle section of shoe

Jumping wise, how are the Cloudswift?

You may be scratching your head wondering what I mean here - I'm talking about Box Jumps and jump rope. Now, these shoes are magical for jumping. Box Jumps? You'd think I had springs attached to my feet, I! can! jump! high! Jump Rope? I don't think I'll every get over the fact that I can do double-unders - bringing the rope twice under you in one go before your feet hit the ground.

So, 10/10 in the jumping department. One thing I love is that the support is so great with the Cloudswift, and I don't feel like I'm touching the literal ground (as was the case with my previous sneakers).

The funny thing is you don't realize the lack of support your sneakers have until you get new ones, I felt like a new runner once I got these because the Nike's I was running with had non-existent support (they had a long life of 400+ miles run in them).

On Running CloudSwift

Last Thoughts

I went to a third party seller with my sister when she went to try them on in person, and when I mentioned the heavy-ness of the Cloudswift she recommended the Cloudsurfer - they're better for training and racing, have great support, feel lighter while running.

The Cloud X are the ONES for racing (and for daily wear too!) - they have good support and they're nice and lightweight. The representative I was chatting to in store was letting me know when I asked for her opinion on the best racing shoe. So, once I run 400 miles I'll most likely be upgrading to the Cloudsurfer and (if my wallet won't cry about it) possibly get the Cloud X for racing.

MY VERDICT on Cloudswift: They're extremely comfortable but also a bit on the heavy side rather than lightweight. For that reason, I'd give them 4/5 stars. They really are great, have amazing support (my flat foot is having a happy running life now) but it would have been nice to have the best of both worlds: support + lightweight.

List of Pros and Cons:

- extremely comfortable
- great support
- Jump-rope/Box-Jumps approved™

- they feel heavy when you're running in the beginning; as you keep running with them they only "feel heavy" when your form isn't 100%.

p.s. I wasn't paid to write this, I just felt like doing a review on my new running sneakers, they really are my favorite sneakers I've ever run in!

Have you heard of On Running? Will you be giving them a try?

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  1. I’m glad that you are liking your shoes! They look cute, and sound incredibly comfortable and supportive. I’ll have to try on a pair the next time I’m looking for shoes! 🙃

    1. They're so so comfortable and I love the support they have - the design of them was what drew me to getting them, looked so unique! Other than wishing they were a little more lightweight, they're great for running!

  2. What a great review - you covered all my questions and ones I didn't think of. I'd love to give these a shot - they also have "curb appeal."

    1. Thank you!! I wrote it kind of in the way as questions I was looking for the answer to when trying to find a new running shoe! They really are super comfortable, you won't regret giving them a try!

  3. The name enough snags me. I have to admit the idea of "running On Clouds" is most appealing. Learning about a new brand is helpful, since it will give me an idea of where to start when I need running shoes.

    1. I thought the name was so cool too when I first heard of them! They really are so comfortable and have amazing support - if you do decide to give the brand a try you 100% won't regret it!!

  4. What a very interesting review!! The sneakers look so comfortable.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thank you!! They are super comfortable, the support is like nothing I've ever run in before!

  5. This is such a handy post, as I currently on the hunt for some new trainers that are perfect for the gym and running! I need to do some more reach but I haven’t heard of this brand before! I love the concept! The colours are so different to the regular black or white you are advertised a lot of! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely have to have a look at their range of products! Lauren x

    1. YAY - this post came right in time for you!! It's so stressful looking for the right sneaker - can't tell you many tabs I've had open from so many different companies before settling on On Running. The one thing I love about this brand is how brightly colored their shoes are, like they were meant to stand out and not blend in, I love it. Thanks so much for reading, Lauren!

  6. Those looks so lovely and soooo comfy! I definitely need to get my hands on them. :)

    Soph- x

    1. They are super comfortable!! Definitely going to be your new favorite pair :)

  7. Such a thorough review, I'm so glad you're enjoying them! Choosing a new running shoe can feel so daunting, I just bought a new pair and panicked and got the exact same ones as last time in a newer model. I have weak hips so choosing a shoe that offers full support to my ankles and knees is crucial so that I don't get hip pains. BUT I have UK size 2 feet (I think that's a US 4?) so I usually have to get kids shoes. SO getting the required support is a little harder (but on the plus side...also a lot cheaper). It's a shame they feel a little heavy, being called a cloud they should really be super light...right? x


    1. Thank you!! I wrote it in the way as the questions I was wondering about the answers to when I was searching for the ~right~ sneaker. The amount of tabs I had open it's a miracle my computer didn't slow down while I had so many different brand sneaker tabs comparing them all! Yay for getting a new pair!

      Ah so you also wear stability ones or ones that have super amazing support - support really is everything! Getting a right sneaker with support is always so hard - and sometimes the stability ones aren't as cute as the regular ones. WOW sneaker shopping must be so great price-range wise for you!! I believe the smallest On Running goes is a size 5!

      Yeah that was really the only let down of the shoe - it's a bit heavy! I wasn't expecting that, really wish they were both lightweight + great support but!! I think if I had to choose between lightweight or great support, I'd choose great support :)

  8. I love how you reviewed every element of the sneakers! or trainers as we call them in the UK haha - from the laces, to how they perform in the rain to the general feel. I feel like this will be so useful to someone wanting to invest in a good pair of running shoes and clear up any uncertainty. I also love the name - Cloudswift just sounds so cool anyway! I actually want to invest in a good pair of shoes for the gym but I'm not sure what to go with, and I wouldn't even know where to start, are there any pair you would recommend for gym exercise rather than running / more endurance exercise? XX

    1. HAHAH thank you!! I always think in my mind the different terminologies we have between the US and UK, it's so interesting! I really wanted to make sure I covered everything I could about them so if anyone was hesitant on getting it, they'd have all they'd need to know about them from the laces to rain performance :)

      I would have to say the Cloudswift would be great for the gym - for running they could be a bit more lightweight but for regular gym wise workouts they're great, I love the support!! If you want more of a lighter weight sneaker, I'd recommend the Cloudsurfer - they're lighter (running wise!) and still have great support as well! :)

  9. Such an in depth review! These sound amazing - I don't really run but I could definitely do with a pair of really supportive and comfortable shoes for when I walk or even whilst exercising sometimes. Perhaps having a decent pair might encourage me to run?!


    1. Thank you!! If you're looking for comfortable walking ones I'd really recommend checking out the Cloud X or Cloud 50 | 50, from what my mom and sister tell me they are life changing support wise! YESSS the right shoes for running may be all you need to get you going!!

  10. These look really cool and it sounds like they are a great option for those looking for new active footwear, especially those needing that additional support! Thank you for going so in-depth in your explanations

    1. Thanks!! They really are great support wise, I haven't run in anything this comfortable before! Thank you so much for reading!

  11. Oooh! It is great that you got to try out Cloudsiwft! I have been looking into new running shoes lately. It is good that it helps with supporting your feet overall. The last thing you want is a cramp from bad posture. It is good that it didn't take much to break them in! The most important thing is that the shoes are comfortable for you. I need to give these a try! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ♥

    1. They really are super comfortable! Their support is incredible, can't imagine running with any other shoe that doesn't have this support. YES 100% support is so so necessary when it comes to running - and that's one thing I was super surprised in! It didn't take long at all to break them in, just took a while to get used to their ~heavyness~.

      You won't regret giving On Running a try - their shoes really are the best I've run in in a while!

  12. I love the look and sound of these trainers (that's what we call sneakers in the UK!)
    I always have to break them in by walking in them for a few days first, like you.
    Thanks for such an in-depth review!


    1. They're super comfortable, just took a second to get used to their support! Thanks so much for reading Nicola!