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I'm a software engineer who runs a lot. And by a lot, I'm a USATF Member and race competitively at USATF sanctioned races.

I tend to race 5K's but recently felt like racing 8K's for some fun, and sometimes those 8K's turn into 10K's - 5K's are my Queen™  though. I'm a lifestyle, fitness blogger and tech blogger and I document my training & write lifestyle reflections with a sprinkle of history crash courses.

If anyone is interested in my timings:
3 Mile: 20:55
5K - 21:30 
8K - 35:01
5.91 (close to 10K) - 41:28*

* = My 8K race turned into a 5.91 mile race instead due to it taking an additional mile to get to the starting line (perks of racing a championship race alongside 2000+ runners) and a 10K is 6.2 Miles - so I like to think of that as my ~10K~ time as it's pretty close in distance!



If you'd like to work with me, you can reach me at:





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